We are proud and honored to partner with our families of students with exceptional needs. By creating a learning environment that is warm, collaborative, and inclusive we provide our students with the best opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. Our students with exceptional needs are a vital part of our school community. The vision is for our students to grow, knowing the power of their voices and their abilities as they encounter an ever-changing world. Inclusion is the foundation of our team’s mission and it defines each and everything we do. This central goal is paramount— and it is at the heart of the community we foster at Valle Lindo School District. When it comes to our students with disabilities, we don’t see their needs as being “special.” Rather, we see their needs are “human” — first and foremost. After all, that’s what inclusion is all about.

mrs. Andréa Bidart-Oteiza

Coordinator of Special Education

Phone: 626-580-0610 x106
  Email: [email protected]